I saw all these fan fictions on the wiki and decided to make my own. think what you like of it, but i think it is pretty good, so far. My characters will eventually go south and meet the atlanta group, but it will happen in the next chapter. not the most climactic ending to chap. one, but whatever. Warning: Mild profanity will ensue.

Chapter one

Main character Paul is 17 years old, lives in outskirts of raleigh with family. He has a sister of 9 years, Sarah, and a brother of 6 years, sean. His Parents are rarely present due to work, with his father spending more time in Washington than in his actual home with his family. he spends most of his time on his computer, or with the family dog, Rey. When the apocalypse starts he begins to keep a journal chronicling his experiences.

Day 4: May 18

Four days ago, the news began to chronicle the events caused by a strange disease that originated in cuba, and spread to florida and from there worked it’s way north. This disease causes the reanimation of dead flesh in a manner similar to the cordyceps fungus which occurs in ants, except it causes it’s victims to attempt to bite uninfected individuals after reannimation. Infected individuals are very difficult to kill, with the destruction of the brain being necessary in order to kill them.

Or so says Wikipedia.

Three days ago, mom told us we were not to go outside or near the windows. She requested my assistance in covering the windows with blankets and followed me to the shed so i could get out axe, weilding a fire poker like a weapon. We couldnt reach dad because the lines were all messed up.

The phone company apolagizes for the inconvenience in this time of crisis. When i asked Mom about this being a time of crisis she told me i was not allowed to watch the news any more.

Two days ago, Sean walked into Moms room to find her hanging from a noose tied to the ceiling fan. He approached her and attempted to free her apparently struggling frame from it’s ropes. As he reached up to untie her roap, she bit his arm hard enough to draw blood. Sean ran away and hid in his room. I have since locked my mother’s room, knowing she is sick and that we should stay away, but first examining her corpse for a bite. I found none and updated wikipedia. Sean told us what happened but refuses to come out of his room. Knowing what may happen to him, i must admit i am afraid to force the door. I moved Sarah and myself into the basement because the rasping moans coming from our mother’s locked room are too much to bear. I collected all the canned food and bottled water we have and brought it down with us, as well as all our blankets, our tent, and anything else we might need. I tried to call Dad in D.C. but the lines were down. No apology, so the phone company is full of assholes.

Yesterday, Sean began to scream and moan in his room. He let me in finally, and i gave him enough sleep medication to make sure he passes peacefully. I locked the door behind me and collected all the knives from the kitchen while i was upstairs. The moans have since stopped.

I resolved myself today that we have to leave our home. The problem is that the car keys are in Moms room, and so is mom.

Day 5: May 19

Today we left. I took the axe and slowly opened the door to my Mother’s room. Her rasps are very feeble and her skin is tightly drawn around her skull. Carefully, i crossed the room to her bedside table, never getting closer than a few feet to my mother. Keys in hand, I gathered everything up in the car, with Sarah and King and everything we might ever need in the trunk. I took the Polaroid camera with us so that we can still have pictures in case anything happens to one of us.

Together, Sarah and I wrote a note for Dad in case he ever comes back. We told him to stay out of moms and seans rooms, and left a photo of us with the dog from the polaroid, as well as one of the family photos from our ski trip.

Before we were ready to get on the road for real, we drove down the street a few blocks to find my friend Jay, who is a crazy redneck with tons of weapons. We found him, the sole survivor of his family, mowing down the non-survivors of his family with a shotgun, sporting a bandaged wound on his arm. This was the first time i have seen the infected in person, from those not in my own family, and it was quite a shock. He directed us into his garage, and told us he would join us if he could.

“I dont trust that bandage of yours, friend.”

“yeah. These bites are a bitch, right?”

They certainly are

“If you come with us, you need to stay in your own car, and you have to let us have one or two guns for ourselves. All we have at the moment is an axe?.”

“that works i guess. We can go soon, i just need a bit for my family. To say goodbye, y’know?”

An hour later, we moved on, Jay’s blue SUV in tow. We headed for the hospital, hoping maybe we could find medical treatment for jay. Upon our arrival, we found that was not an option. There were maybe four-hundred walking corpses surrounding the hospital, and we both agreed it was not an option. We stopped south of town, with the vague intention of going to atlanta, where the CDC is, and camped in the cars.

Day 6: May 20

Today we were driving along the highway, occasionally seeing another car, but never stopping to join them. We stopped at a rest stop at the south carolina border, where there were about two dozen other cars parked, and campfires abound. We are staying the night. Jay has a heavy fever and is getting too sick to drive. We were barely able to get him in, promising to keep him confined to our car, where he is now staying. I think I will have to send him out into the woods soon, as we cant just let him stay in there overnight. He will almost certainly die and reanimate.

Day 9: May 22

Yesterday, a doctor and three armed guards drove into the camp. The doctor, whose name I never caught, I nicknamed Verner Von Braun in my mind. Heres why:

Upon his arrival, this doctor claimed he could cure our sick, provided they were only sick, not dead. He wouldnt accept money, or even gold. Only bullets for his guards as payment. Regretfully, I traded him our shotgun for a syringe of whatever the hell it was he was he was actually selling. Jay was miraculously still alive when i administered it to him, but he didnt stay that way for long, luckily, we moved him into one of the unused cars instead of setting him loose. I knew better than to accuse this snake-oil asshole of his crimes, seeing his armed guards. But instead kept Jay’s death secret, saying he was recovering when people in camp asked.. We pushed the car out of the lot and opened it, quietly killing jay with the axe when he tripped out of the car. We took some of his blood in the snake oil syringe Dr. Braun gave us, and squirted it into a special thank you meal for dr. braun, that one of the women madeas thanks for the syringe of cure he had given her son and husband.

He had a fever over 100 within the hour.

This morning the camp was attacked by over a hundred of the infected, who I heard one of the others in camp call walkers. We have stuck around here for too long, anyway. I piled Sarah and King into the car and we began to head south. I think we were some of the only ones to have made it out.

We stopped about five miles down the highway and regrouped, with only 3 other people stopping to join us. A man of about 50, named Frank, and a young couple, named Kallie and Anders. We’ve kind of looked to Frank as a bit of a leader, considering he is the oldest. We decided to continue south, hoping to find a military base or some larger community of people, reasoning that the farther south we go, the more aid infected areas will have recieved, and the higher chance of survivors, because it is more rural down there. Sarah and I announced our plans of atlanta, and they agreed that it sounded like a pretty good idea.

Day 18(?): June

The road is getting harder and harder to move forward on. We find ourselves stopped with increasing frequency by cars that have run out of gas. When we stop to move these out of the way, I always make Sarah stay in the car, and have king go out ahead of us. I noticed a few days ago that he can smell the infected. Luckily, he doesent bark. Instead he just sort of whimpers and nuzzles up to you. What kind of german shephard acts like this!? We make sure to scavenge in the cars, and siphon plenty of gas. One of the vans we siphoned from had a sort of cattle guard attached to it, like on trains. I found the torch used to make it and Frank helped me attach it to the front of the van. He keeps approaching Me and Sarah offering to take us under his wing, like he’s adopting us or something. I always say, thanks no. I can look after myself and my sister just fine. It’s getting to be a bit annoying.