Due to the failure of telltale to produce a game that can actually be played, I have been as of yet unable to play walking dead episode four. this may seem like an untoward request, and if it is too much, somebody just tell me, but could we please, PLEASE, refrain from putting spoilers in the titles of blog posts, no matter how old. I also suggest we try to avoid mentioning things that are not specifically within the frame of media, by which I mean to say we should avoid saying things about the game in a discussion about the comic, or vice versa. This is a wiki, so that means it's pretty much geared towards spoiling everything, although I think we should try to limit the spoilers to those who seek them out on their own. please take my request into consideration, as I really enjoy being part of the fan community in this site, and I'm sure there are many others like me who find themselves in a similar situation.

on a tangential note, I think we need to clean up our coverage of the game, so as to make it suited to a more techical wiki style. anyone whos ever been to a wiki for a bethesda game can tell you how good it gets. I have three suggestions for things we need to record on the wiki that we arent doing now.

  • Dialogue and choice trees: specific diagrams showing your choices and how they affect the path the story takes, for example, what the differences between choosing doug or Carley are, and what dialogue options are specific to them.
  • Glitch catalogues: I of all people can tell you that telltale's game is rife with game breaking glitches. I suggest we record glitches, so they can be avoided by players, as well as what console they are specific to, if any.
  • more detailed coverage of individual play rooms: lets consider any room or area you are free to roam around in a "room". any interactive or collectable objects in the room should be recorded, as well as objectives and characters, as well as some cursory description of the room. I suggest we make the rooms as subsets under the general location. what I mean by this is that, for example, under the everett pharmaceuticals page, we would have the following:
    • Pharmacy shop (A new day)
      • The pharmacy shop is the area in which a large portion of Episode 1 takes place. there are many characters and objectives for lee to interact with and BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA
      • Characters include: Clementine, Duck, Kenny, Santa Claus, Mr. Mcgoo, Adolf Hitler VII
      • Glitches include: Lilly has a tendency to be a stupid bitch on all consoles. this is considered a game breaking bug.
      • interactive objects include: Batteries, Energy Bars, zombie virus cure (to be ignored), infinite ammo RPG (to be ignored), Clementines parents, hidiing under some trash and perfectly fine (to be ignored)
      • adjaent rooms include: Pharmacy office, street, Travelier Motel (A New Day)

Anyway, I think these changes would really help us more efficiently catalogue the game for the purposes of a user guide.