• Maxrabbitpayne

    So yeah, I may have been following this wiki for a while now, maybe since issue 83 maybe ? I can´t remember X).

    So.. the first thing I noticed in episode 6 of Telltales game is the photo Clem found in the campsite where the dog was, I don´t know but the man in the photo just remindme of Abraham from the comics, could it somehow be him in the photo ? we also see a woman and a little girl, now I know they are in a very far place from where Rick first met Abe and the others, but they say they been walking a long time, so I don know, it would be a cool easter egg..

    Also, I´m calling it right know, the person Clem saw in Episode 7 trailer MUST be Lilly, I mean, Kenny gotta be dead, at least for me it would ruin ep5 if he turned out to be alive..


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