So I'm just going to talk about a few characters who were not lucky enough to still be around. This is my first one so hope this all goes well.

Theodore 'T-Dog' Douglas was a very under-rated character. In the group he was one of the strongest behind Rick Shane and Darryl. No one ever really needed him as there were already many other people that could do what he was doing. I really liked T-Dog in season three. He burst out of his shell and became a important member of the group. It is a shame that he got killed off in episode four Killer Within but there is nothing we can do about that now. But when you think about it could you imagine T-Dog sneaking in to Woodbury to save Glenn and Maggie? I definately can't. He doesn't seem like he could murder a person. So they knew that he needed to die before the Woodbury attack. But still in time of death he was still a good person, saving Carol even know she could have shot the walker who bit him, oh well I guess. So I'll go back to when we first see T-Dog. This is in episode two Guts. He is a stereotypical black guy. Just the way he acts was just a bit stereotypical, but that is why we all loved him. He did get less 'fresh' as the show progressed. I do miss T-Dog, but sadly he has been replaced with Tyreeese, who is way more badass to be honest. 

Actor; Iron-E Singleton.

First Appearance; Season One, Episode Two: Guts.

Final Episode; Season Three, Episode Four: Killer Within.

Death By; Bite on the shoulder by a walker, then completely devoured by walkers to save Carol Peltier.

Personal Rating; 7.5/10