ok, so this blog is possible flashbacks i'd like to see in the show.

1) michonne's story: simmilar to the comics, i'd like to see something where michonne is in her office at work pre-apocalypse , and shes talking on the phone and say's something like this "hello?, baby? honey you there?" and then her boyfriend says "yes hun, there blowing up everything theres crazy people i-" and then a huge explosion is heard and the line gets cut . Then there is a bomb that explodes and detstroys half of the building and michonne hides under her desk in terror and then the theme on plays.

2) the early woodbury stages : in one episode i'd like to see something where they show the woodbury residents and the govorner working on early woodbury.

3) more michonne and andrea flashbacks: like the episode where it shows a flashback between andrea and michonne, i'd want to see some more flashback on there survival during there 8-months together .

thanks for reading and leave comment positive or negative! (pops calpo not allowed )