haha, so im starting off by saying this is like a parody if you will to the action figures by mcfarlane.

1) lori: it can include lori with a removable belly that holds baby judith, worst mother award, and knife.

2)maggie and glen 2 pack: it can include maggie and glen, wedding rings, guns, and other crap.

3) dale : it can inlcude 2 torsos one torn up and the other normal, delux rv, stupid camping hat, and most annoying old man award.

4) hershel: includes hershel action figure, remoable leg that reveales nasty stump, cruches, and pitchfork ,and a bottle of whiskey.

before you give bad reviews, this is meant to atleast make you grin, this is the type of blogs i make when im bored (how ironic right?)