spToday this blog will be my "theory" on who will kill the governer.

1)Michonne : it's possible michonne would want to kill Phillip if they added her getting captured and raped in the television series like what happend in the comics. Also to get revenge on him for basically killing Andrea becuase, they became close  . (i know milton killed her)

2) Rick: Rick may want to kill him for two reasons: For costing him a "close" friend (Andrea) or just for the fun of it.

3)Tyreese: Tyreese trusted Phillip for one or two epsiodes after meeting him . its possible he may want to kill him for killing allen even though there friendship was drifting off.

4) Daryl: Daryl may want to get revenge for killing Merle and letting him turn into a walker .

5) Karen: Karen may kill Phillip if he "kills" her son Noah, since his status in unknown, its possible he'd be killed by him. Another reason she may kill him is that the writers possibly made her as a telivison persona to lilly caul from the comics.

6) ???Lilly??: Lilly may end up making an apearance later in the show and may kill Phillip like she did in the comics.

7) any other possible characters : Beth, hershel, carol , maggie , ect.

  • NOTE*: i made this for fun and these are MY opinons .