First off i would like to say i am very angry of the way how rude people are on here. They get away with it , do you know this is considered cyber-bullying?! and i'm going to point out one of the most rudest ungrateful users on this wiki :Pops_calpo, you are the most rudest person i've ever met, i've had long talks with other users on this wiki and they have agreed with me, I have one tip for this admins on this wiki: are you really doing your job?, you are doing everything great and i respect you, but even some of you are rude . I think there should be more moderation on this wiki. Any Cyber bully type like pops should be banned or "punished" . I know it's mean of me to point out people , but i've had enough! this is getting way out of hand. Another thing i reccemomend is that you put a block option on this wiki. Also, anyone who shows proof of Ilegall (under the age of 13) social talk, should be banned. i hope all admins read this and do something about this.

Admin Response

Response by Axel TWD
The following is a message I left on Mario's talk page.  I would like to share it with you all. I have edited it slightly to apply to the entire community.
I want you to know that we take the issue of cyberbulling very seriously, and will do whatever we can to stop it from occuring in the future.  However, I would like to show you my perspective.  
As an admin, I am extremely dedicated to this wiki and am determined to make it the best it can be.  I am adding to, improving, or simply monitoring this site every single day.  Keep in mind that I do not make any money from this, and have to do it while still managing school, multiple jobs, and my personal life.  Therefore, my time is very limited and I may not be able to be on the wiki as much as I would like, but I can guarantee you that I am monitoring pages, and specifically blogs. I would advise you to check out the blocklist and see just how often the other admins and I ban vandals and cyberbullies.
Having said that, there is absolutely no way that we can catch every single trouble-maker.  That is why we rely on some of our trusted users and staff members to alert us of problems that we miss.  If you notice something that troubles you, take a screenshot and send it to an admin.  If you feel uncomfortable leaving a message about another user on the wiki, you could always send it to my email,  
At the end of the day, we are all here because we are fans of a great story known as The Walking Dead.  It is something that brings us together, and we are able to form a community of people who enjoy the same thing.  However, as in all communities, there will always be agitators.  But we cannot let those few bring us down to their level.  We must be eagerly willing to work together and be civil to one another.  Disputes should be avoided whenever possible, but handled justly when they are unavoidable. 
I'd like to conclude with a very fitting quote by someone we all know very well.
"I think about what we can accomplish together, now that I've seen what we're capable of when we work together...My mind is racing with the possibilities."
Rick Grimes[src]