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  • Mario5223

    hello guys, its been 4 months since ive been gone and watching the walking dead marathon, i noticed in the epsiode "prey" of season 3, they show a flash back of michonne and andrea together during the 8-month period after michonne finds andrea.  Andrea says "boys getting rough again." and michonne just looks over at her. Michonne brings up "they deserve what they got, they were monsters in the first place." this lead me to think that perhaps her boyfriend was abusive or "jerky" if you will. I'm 98% sure they will go deeper into this in season 4. What do you guys think? do you think they were abusive? or simple jerks.    

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  • Mario5223

    First off i would like to say i am very angry of the way how rude people are on here. They get away with it , do you know this is considered cyber-bullying?! and i'm going to point out one of the most rudest ungrateful users on this wiki :Pops_calpo, you are the most rudest person i've ever met, i've had long talks with other users on this wiki and they have agreed with me, I have one tip for this admins on this wiki: are you really doing your job?, you are doing everything great and i respect you, but even some of you are rude . I think there should be more moderation on this wiki. Any Cyber bully type like pops should be banned or "punished" . I know it's mean of me to point out people , but i've had enough! this is getting way out of ha…

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  • Mario5223

    haha, so im starting off by saying this is like a parody if you will to the action figures by mcfarlane.

    1) lori: it can include lori with a removable belly that holds baby judith, worst mother award, and knife.

    2)maggie and glen 2 pack: it can include maggie and glen, wedding rings, guns, and other crap.

    3) dale : it can inlcude 2 torsos one torn up and the other normal, delux rv, stupid camping hat, and most annoying old man award.

    4) hershel: includes hershel action figure, remoable leg that reveales nasty stump, cruches, and pitchfork ,and a bottle of whiskey.

    before you give bad reviews, this is meant to atleast make you grin, this is the type of blogs i make when im bored (how ironic right?)

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  • Mario5223

    ok, so this blog is possible flashbacks i'd like to see in the show.

    1) michonne's story: simmilar to the comics, i'd like to see something where michonne is in her office at work pre-apocalypse , and shes talking on the phone and say's something like this "hello?, baby? honey you there?" and then her boyfriend says "yes hun, there blowing up everything theres crazy people i-" and then a huge explosion is heard and the line gets cut . Then there is a bomb that explodes and detstroys half of the building and michonne hides under her desk in terror and then the theme on plays.

    2) the early woodbury stages : in one episode i'd like to see something where they show the woodbury residents and the govorner working on early woodbury.

    3) more michonn…

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  • Mario5223

    So ive heard of a petition to bring back andrea that has been made by one of the walking dead workers (correct me if im wrong) Well, if she was to come back, they should make where the whole season 3 finale was a dream and they have not faught phillip yet . I think it would be wrong though , her death was beautiful , i know that sounds weird but it was sad enough. Bringing her back is a huge middle finger to us audience. Comment below and leave negative or positive comments! thank you! 

    heres a link to the petition : http://twitition.com/b7fv3

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