I heard that TellTale has stated that they'd like to connect the walking dead video game to the tv series, but it is possible that they already have! In the 400 Days DLC, we run into a character named Nate during Wyatt's and Russell's stories! He doesn't come off as the nicest of characters, but he does share several characteristics with a Tv Series character... Nate! Nate is a member of Dave and Tony's group and drives a truck. When Nate is introduced in the game, his story revolves around a truck. As Russell drives along with him, Nate continuously asks about the daughter of a man in Russell's old group. Tv Nate's group infamously finds a father and two daughters in the woods and the group procedes to rape the daughters. Both Nate's share a truck, a lust for young women and, most noticably, a twisted mind!

This is all simply speculation though! What do you think? Do you think Telltale brought an extremely side character to life and continued his story or do you think Telltale has left it Comic canon?