Ok, I' am not that big of a blogger and all, but as I was searching through the web for Walking Dead news I came across this, what I think it is a great and intrguing find of The Walking Dead Comic.

It is on an Spanish site and so I do not know what it all says.... But could this have been a preview or scrapped opener of The Walking Dead Comic?

You decide


From the looks of it, it appears that Rick is never shot and is unharmed and is staying at his home when the apocalypse began. Lori and him begin to question the news reporter on the news and Rick turns the TV off beliveing it may be a hoax. Just then a few thuds are heard at the door and, as it is opened by Rick, a walker lurches out and attacks Rick. The zombie is beaten on the back by Lori with an umbrella as Rick holds it back and grabs his gun. He grabs his revolver and sticks it in the undead man's mouth and pulls the trigger.

This is all that I got from looking at the images. If you know spanish and could translate this, it would be great!

The art style is by Tony Moore which really shows it's age and I do not, ever, remember seeing this in any previews of the series. I wonder if this could be something from "The Vault" and was leaked out?