I want to start off by saying that I know Wikipedia can be edited by anyone; but on the whole, the information I get from the pages I get seems very trustworthy (and, if nothing else, at least has citations that link to sources that ARE credible.

O.K., so anyway:

I was looking on the Wikipedia pages for the list of characters in both the TV Series and the Comic Series, and I found several statements about some of the characters on both pages. I'll start with the page for the TV Series.

The first thing that struck me as odd was that, while Luke was still listed as deceased, Molly's status was changed to unknown. It was also stated in the bio for Luke's chracter that AMC has confirmed that Luke is indeed deceased, but Molly is still alive (or, at least, her status is unknown). Also, in Jeanette's subcategory, it is stated that both AMC and Robert Kirkman have confirmed that Jeanette is still alive and will reappear, "because her character never developed". Both of these statements sound highly unlikely to be true, I know; but I was wondering if anyone could confirm or deny these statements or find a valid source that could do so.

For the record, I have indeed seen examples of poor or underinformed editing on this page. However, it usually amounts to nothing but "Andrea is a slut," or "Daryl is a badass zombie killer," etc.; it seems like whoever made these edits at least put a degree of thought into them, which makes them seem at least a bit more credible to me. Here is the link to the page:


As for the page on the Comic Series:

Nothing written about the exiting characters on this page is wrong, per se; however, under the category for the Alexandria Safe-Zone, four characters who (to the best of my memory) did not actually appear or receive a mention in the series: Robert, Dr. Nathan Jennings, Mark, and Roy. I may have missed the scenes where they made appearances or were mentioned, but from what I can gather, none of them actually exist within the series.

Here's a link to this page as well:


Thank you in advance for your help! :)

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