I have not watched any of the sneak peaks so don't judge. I think despite every one packing up and leaving rick and daryl will stay behind, possibly with Andrea. The three will hide in the prison then when the governors men storm the prison, the governor will go off on his own to find and kill rick, resulting in the four getting trapped in the tombs rick and the governor will then meet and begin fighting, with daryl and Andrea stealthily picking off some of the governors army. Tyreese and his group will then come across daryl or Andrea and be convinced to leave the assault and join their group. Allen will refuse and probably het killed because he is a dick. Andrea will then escort tyreese and his group put of the prison to the rest of ricks group. Daryl will then search the tombs for Rick, and find the governor about to kill Rick, and then kill the governor. Others may think that Andrea or Rick etc. Will kill the governor, but daryl's only family left was killed by the governor, so really it should be Daryl.