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Daryl is irriplaceable!

I was looking at some blog posts about Daryl and I dont get why so many people are hating on him and waiting for him to die. I think that Daryl is an irriplaceable character I mean he wields a crossbow, got shot in the face and survived, impaled himself with a crossbow bolt falling down a mounTAIN and survived by ripping of part of his shirt. Daryl has a vast knowledge of the wilderness and even if he happened to get lost out there he woulg know what to do and what not to do and I can say with absolute certainty that if a zombie apocolypse did happen I wouldn't want someone like Glenn or even The Govenor I'd want the badass riding through a zombie hoard thats attracted to noise on the loud ass, slightly German offensive and drig holding motorcycle! Both Norman Reedus and Daryl Dixon are complete LEGENDS!

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