For those of you who use chat a lot, I added emoticons for all the characters with names, some walkers and roamers, and one of Robert Kirkman. To use them you type ( cs,tv,vg,dr,or w (depending on the series they are from) the name of the character and then ) For Example...

For Glenn from the comic series it would be (csglenn)


All of the TWD related Emotes, a total of 183

For Glenn from the show it would be (tvglenn)

For Glenn from the video game it would be (vgglenn)

For Shane from Dead Reckoning it would be (drshane)

For Hannah from the webisodes it would be (whannah)

To see a list of all the emoticons available on this wiki see MediaWiki:Emoticons

If you want a picture or gif to be made into an emoticon leave it in the comments and I'll see what I can do.