Ok, so recently the pages Gary, Linda, and Jake. Have had pictures added to them. How do we even know that that is them. There names are never mentoned in the Motel Hostage Scene. Also, Jolene says that she killed Jake, Linda, and Bart. Therefore, Bart should be listed as dead, and those people cannot possibly be Linda and Jake. Also many of their pages say they were mentioned by the unnamed bandits on the Road to the Farm, while only Gary was mentioned by them. They also say that they were there when Mark was shot which is just speculation and should be changed. Pleases do not edit the pages with false information, and if it is speculation,please put something like possibly before the statement. Ex Linda was possibly one of ther bandits that was there when Mark was shot. Also, just wondering how we know that that bandit is Drew. When the unnamed bandit talks to him it is very hard to tell which one replies.