Hi all. So, I'm 90% sure Hershel is going down in the season finale. And I have reasons to support this theory.

1) He's really old, and he can't run. Duh.

We all know the group and Woodbury are getting into a crazy clash next episode. If Rick and Co. get ambushed, He's the one with less chances of survival. Unless he is in a car. He would be the most likely person to bite it this case, even more than Judith, who will be with someone else to be taken cared of.

2) Scott Wilson cried at the Paley Fest.

When the cast was asked about the fear of getting killed their characters getting killed off after a surprise call from Mazzarn weeks before they shoot it, Hardwick went right next to Emily Kinney's (Beth) side, who was sitting close to Wilson (Hershel). She gave her opinion about it, and then, the host asked Scott about how does he feel about not-knowing when your moment comes, until a week or 2 before it happens. After Wilson answered, he couldn't avoid crying. The audience went owww and someone from the crew/cast (I don't remember who) comforted him. I definitely thought this was a signal.

3) Andrew Lincoln stated...

Someone shocking happens in relation to his character, that he finds really shocking,and "comes out of nowhere" when it happens. When he read the script he "couldn't believe it" and he thinks it will really get into the fans' hearts.

This could either be about Judith or Carl mostly, but also about Hershel in my opinion. Rick has built up a strong bond with him this season (he told Hershel stuff he would never tell anybody else, like the telephone, the governor's  plan, etc) and he's one of the few people that could easily cause Rick to cry if he dies. But Andrew also said it happens in a surprise moment or as a shock factor, while most of the fans totally see Judith's death coming. So Hershel dying would be a plausible moment for a comment like this.

4) Things are going way too well for Hershel.

AND we all know what happens when a character is doing just great OR doesn't get a punch in the gut for a long while. Main Characters need some development, and the last time we saw Hershel in an important situation for him was when Maggie and Glenn got kidnapped. I don't remember the show giving any importance to him until they returned, and now they are starting to give him some, close to the finale, and we all know what those things build up to. Maggie and Glenn are engaged, Beth is completely fine and safe as well, and one thing that could blow up everything for them and develop them greatly for the next season, is Hershel dying. That would be a great story to watch from them, dealing with such a terrible loss, just like we will watch Daryl doing so.

Any other possible or logical reason? Please post it.