Before I start I think I need to give a thought about complainers. People who complain every single episode: those who complain about it are complaining because they feel a change in this show (as I read in most comments). How can the show "be the same" when the situation is completely different and much scarier than the situation in the farm? With that kind of complain being said everywhere (which I think doesn't make sense at all) I can confirm that viewers are feeling the anxiety and the nervousness of the situation the prison group is facing, and guess what, that is EXACTLY the thing that makes this show awesome. So before you complain about "oh, Kirkman is ruining the show, the climax is not the same, it doesnt feel like The Walking Dead anymore"... Well, wake up! last season they were sitting back on a tent, with only some lurking undead to care about that would show up really often (aside from their personal conflicts) and there was no armed town trying to kill them all, and leaded by a psycho!. What these people really mean is "It doesn't feel like the FARM anymore"! The situation changes, characters change, everything changes! Of course it won't feel the same as before, and it is still the incredible show it is. Don't expect to sense what you sensed when they were much more comfourtable in the farm.

Axel's death --> If I hadn't watched that damn promo, I would have been completely blown away. I expected that, and those who didn't, obviously felt some kind of "shock". That moment was an awesome way to start the situation of the assault. I still feel bad for him. I expected him to grow (oh well, we all did the same about T-Dog I guess)

Glenn --> That guy will get himself killed. I hope that, after the assault, he starts getting conscious of whats happening, and stops being such an idiot for himself and the group. He obviously went through hell in Woodbury, but he is an adult. He should know that getting wrath attacks will lead him to nothing but death. Fear is being his worst enemy, and he needs to take it like Rick (estrategically I mean) or he may get the boot before the end of the season.

Daryl and Merle --> Daryl was obviously not going to stand his brother and I knew he would have gone back to the prison. But I didn't expect that he would have taken Merle there. It will be really interesting to see how they will deal with him later on. And don't forget, if Daryl wasn't there, Rick would be a goner now.

Andrea --> What the heck? you still in Woodbury, girl? I would have taken off the second I saw my friend being kidnapped at set in a fight to death by the person that leads the place I am in. Sometimes I don't understand her. I hope she goes back to the prison. And stays there.

And Rick... I just hope something good happens to him and the "signal" takes effect, because if he keeps going like this he will be more than a threat to himself, but for the group as well. Too bad the prison assault will just get him worse in my opinion.

That's it for now. I'm not sorry for the long post, because if you are reading this, is because you wanted to read the whole thing :D

Bye people, this just keeps getting better and better all the time.