So I'd like to share my thoughts about what could happen in the season finale. There are no spoilers, these are just my predictions, or how I'd like it to end. More or less, SOMETHING LIKE the following would be great to happen.

In "This Sorrowful Life" a big death will end the episode. Maybe by a walker (would not like this, but it would be surprising), or by the governor himself, who starts the attack in this episode's ending (would love this). I said this 100 times more or less, but I'd love that main character that dies returning as a walker, with another (close friend) member of the group having to finish him/her. The group doesn't know HOW that happened to the character. They encounter him/her as a zombie, without an idea of how he/she turned.

In "Welcome to the Tombs" the Woodbury army approachs the fences of the Prison with the Governor taking Andrea as some kind of hostage with her, mouth-taped and with a gun pointing right at her head. He warns for the first and last time "You give me Michonne, she lives. You all live." Of course, these are not his true intentions. His plan is to get Michonne to torture her, and then start the attack, killing all of the prison folks for sure, including Andrea herself. Rick (or someone else), shocked by the death mentioned before, shows no cooperation and under a state of madness, the shooting begins from the Prison's side. The Woodbury army, who had no intentions of getting into a war, have no other option but to defend themselves under Philip's orders of fire.

I have no idea of what will happen to Tyreese's group, so i won't mention them. Though I think some of his group will die this episode...

The shootout 

The group takes cover behind the wood barricades they created. We see Rick shooting right to the Governor's hiding point. Daryl is a few meters off next to him (maybe with Merle besides him), shooting a soldier behind a car. We don't clearly see who he is, until Daryl gets him, after being hit (not fatally) and wounded by a bullet. The camera approaches the body. Shupert. Philip runs back leaving andrea in the middle of the field, which is being surrounded by zombie bodies.

Beth rushes into the C block to protect Judith, who had been sleeping, locked up in a cell. She stays there with her. Andrea quickly runs with her hands tied up and her mouth taped to the prison fence, crying to get the gate open. Michonne appears and opens it for her, almost getting killed by bullets that rain into the fence.

Carl, Maggie, maybe Carol, or Hershel, are together, and split up to defend other corners of the prison. Carl and another person to a side, and Hershel by himself alone to another corner. They resume the shooting and we see or 3 woodbury soldiers fall. Andrea releases herself and begs for the shooting for stop, but noone hears her, obviously. She is lend a gun and looks for a hiding spot, and starts shooting at the governor when she sees him.

Lots of walkers have been killed between the lines of fire, but the extremely loud noise has attracted lots of more walkers. The prison has been destroyed and Martinez and other remaining Woodbury survivors flee the prison grounds (most of them don't make it out alive), leaving Philip with a car covering him. He has no other choice but to leave as well. He finds Milton running to get a car, and he shoots him dead, which he had planned to do since he found out he betrayed his plans. You can comment what you would like to happen to the governor, i prefer his death to be discussed, more than what i think of the ending.

Rick's group have no other choice but to leave the Prison, since its being overrun by the zombies. Maggie tells Glenn and his dad to go with Rick and the rest, while she runs to get Beth and Judith, who are still inside the prison. Glenn does not want to leave her, and she goes with her, leaving Hershel to with Rick and Daryl maybe. Unfortunately, Hershel is going too slow and is slowing them down, and is reached by a group of walkers they cannot stop because they have no rounds left. They start devouring him alive, right in front of Rick. "Go! just leave me!" he screams.

The only ones remaining in the prison are Beth, Maggie, Glenn, and Judith. The other ones about to leave in a caravan to the roads, but they don't want to leave the rest of the group. The walkers keep approaching, they have no choice but leaving (Welcome to the tombs). So the ones inside flee over another exit, as they see all the zombies coming to get them. These don't know what happened to Hershel. The rest are in a caravan fleeing, and Rick sees, while driving, a really tired and wounded Martinez who is crossing the road. He recognizes the face he had seen during the shootout, and pushes the accelerator. Martinez can hardly escape, and Rick runs over him, completely handicapping his body. They all meet in a meeting point they had agreed to reach in case the group had to split. Maggie and her group reaches the place, and they don't see Hershel. "what... happened... to..." they all start to cry, mostly Rick, Glenn and Hershel's daughters. They break down.


Would you add or change something to an ending like this?  What would you change? What would you like to happen to Philip?