I was surprised by that ending, they promised a "satisfying" ending but that only happened with the Prison's side, and now what do you think TG, Martinez, and Shumpert (yes, he is "Shumpert" not "Shupert") are up to? I don't think these two remaining survivors are loyal to Philip anymore; their faces when he killed everyone were priceless, yet they didn't do anything to stop him.

"Y'all bunch of pussies!" - Martinez

And what about you, dude? That massacre happening right in front of your eyes, and you stand there instead of just tackling the bad guy? These two are basically afraid of the governor now, not loyal. Come on, that was an attitude of fear, not loyalty. And that will be an interesting piece of story to aboard next season (unless we find out our friend govna' dispatched them already after they went off to the roads with the car).

So where do you think they are heading? Will Martinez and "The Bowman" do anything to stop this, or even leave him alone? Or will they even be capable of leaving the governor and wave the white flag to the prison?

About Andrea, I can't believe it. The way they deviated her character from the comic and then killed her off a stupid way, while she is still alive in the comics... I believe Karen will take her part from now on, and she will play the role Andrea still has in the comic.