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  • LucMac

    TV Show Key Fan Art

    January 13, 2016 by LucMac

    Hey all, for those who don't know, a new poster has been released for the second half of season 6, called "A Larger World", and I just wanted to use this opportunity to share some fan art I made a while ago, relating the theme of the series with the comics. I can't believe I actually made mine using the exact same title, and i finished these like 20 days ago.

    Here is the original released this week

    And here are the ones I made. 

    If you'd like to have them without the watermarks just ask me and I'll send them to you, i just pust these there to avoid hoaxes and other internet-related shits.


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  • LucMac

    The normalcy in a Walking Dead talk page involves writing in blogs and forums to bitch about how bad and boring the show is, to later talk to each other anonymously like critics to slowly convince our poor souls of how much we can do better than the writers and their lack of storytelling skills and/or imagination, but now that the show's over for so many months, what can we take as hostages of our expertise in talking shit noone actually wants to read, unless its just for laughs? Of course, ourselves!

    This blog was not made to open another pointless discussion about how disappointing the finale was since no main characters died, but for a laugh (or maybe a cry), at how fanaticism can blind a person to such an extreme point in which they don'…

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  • LucMac

    Morgan foreshadowing?

    March 9, 2015 by LucMac

    So I catched this one at the ending of episode 5x13, did you?

    Knowing Gimple, it's safe to say this is not accidental and obviously foreshadows a possible Morgan appearance this season, and to be honest, it's one of the things I'm looking forward to the most. And I hope it happens soon. Aside from that, there are so many things to keep an eye on that have me excited for what's about to come... The "Wolves", the constant Dale and time references, the bats, and the list goes on... Damn, I love how this story keeps me thinking anxiously, mostly because I don't have any idea of what could some of these so called "easter eggs" mean.

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  • LucMac

    So guys, I've been wandering around this wiki and I've seen lots of people expressing how much dissapointed they were with this finale. They expected at least 2 prison survivors to die, and none did. Two people in Woodbury (including a main) did instead. They expected a big showdown in the prison, and neither that happened (people just ran out). "They will ambush them and kill them all", "The prison is booby trapped with walkers", between others, they said. I must admit I expected some of the above to happen (i also made a blog about how could lots of people die in the possible fight of the finale), but later, after watching the promos and reading lots of interviews, I had a feeling the prison arc wouldn't end there. And that is exactly wh…

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  • LucMac

    I was surprised by that ending, they promised a "satisfying" ending but that only happened with the Prison's side, and now what do you think TG, Martinez, and Shumpert (yes, he is "Shumpert" not "Shupert") are up to? I don't think these two remaining survivors are loyal to Philip anymore; their faces when he killed everyone were priceless, yet they didn't do anything to stop him.

    "Y'all bunch of pussies!" - Martinez

    And what about you, dude? That massacre happening right in front of your eyes, and you stand there instead of just tackling the bad guy? These two are basically afraid of the governor now, not loyal. Come on, that was an attitude of fear, not loyalty. And that will be an interesting piece of story to aboard next season (unless we…

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