• Lost Delph

    OK, not many people know me here, but i'm quite a gun nut, I've been shooting for the past 10 years and I regularly go to the range. I own more than a dozen guns between handguns and rifles and I'm quite good at reloading my own bullets.

    Now... if you know this world at all you know Hornady. It's a long established company in the industry, especially known for their accurate production of bullets.

    Now... watch this. It's just to bizarre to put into words for a known company.


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  • Lost Delph

    Ok, I was crunching the math on zombie to human ratio in another blog post , and the user Mcase19 came with this argument:

    "(i was the original poster of the north korea argument) i feel that north korea would do pretty well because they have a proportionatly huge military, an airtight border, and are pretty isolated geographically as well. i didnt get as mathy with it as you did so these were just my thoughts."

    Now, that got me thinking... which country do you think has the best survival ratio? My guess is Switzerland

    Why Switzerland?

    It's a cold country with many mountains.

    It has compulsotory conscription, so every adult has basic military training. Every adult keeps his or her weapon at home. They have huge underground facilities from the c…

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  • Lost Delph

    Ok, I had a few ideas, so... let's crunch some data and see.

    First of all, situation.

    Zombies out-number humans around 5,000 to 1.[2]

    That seems to be the official line.

    So, I live in a populated city, around 12 million people live here in the metropolitan area and suburbs...

    if I go 12 mill / 5000, I get my survivors head count on this city, right? 2400 people.

    That's VERY few people. REALLY VERY FEW.

    So... the problems in the tv and comics as I see it, we have seen too many humans, too little zombies. The chance that rural Georgia is as populated as shown is very slim if we go with that ratio.

    Go full picture... we are about 7,500,000,000 humans on the planet. That would leave human population on a 5000 to 1 ratio to about... a meager 1,500,000 people.…

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  • Lost Delph

    Ok, I've been recently surfing a few blog posts and after watching the TV series this question comes to mind. When do you personally begin your suspesion of disbelief? Which examples you can say "OK, I can buy that" and which situations you go "No way in hell that is remotly possible".

    My examples:

    Suspesion of disbelief allows me to BELIEVE IN:

    1. zombies, of course 2. Survival of unattended coma patient for long period of time. 3. The idea that something as slow as a walker and that you can basically stop with digging a deep trench (comic wise that's finally happening) or a strong door, can create an apocalypse. 4. Nobody thinking "let's go to an island" 5. A mother as loving and as careless as Lori during an apocalypse.

    Situation that go NO…

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