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  • LittleMiss101

    So Hai.

    I know im kinda late with this and I couldn't find my answer from any other blog talking about the helicopter from first season so I decided to make a new blog about it.I've been interested who was in that helicopter and where were they heading?

    Now, a lot of people have been saying that its the same helicopter from season 3, but its NOT.You don't have to have a sharp eye to see that, but the helicopter from Season 1 and Season 2 is a civilian helicopter, but the one season 3 is army huey helicopter.So, is this some kind of mistake or are there really two different helicopters in the show?

    We know the story behind the army helicopter (Base was overrun, Lt.Welles used it to scout the road ahead), but what about the civilian helicopter?…

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  • LittleMiss101

    Okay, I was randolmy browsing this episodes page and I saw a picture of Shane in his SD uniform and another soldier credited as Private Gaines.Why is he credited?Who is he?Was he in a cut scene of the episode?

    I heard that there will be a Season 2 DVD showing all cut material.Is it possible that he will be on this DVD?

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