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What will happen in the Season 2 Finale ( Video Game )

Linebro March 8, 2014 User blog:Linebro

There is a lot to talk about and they are nicely categorised

Since there is an emotional Death at the end of every season on the TV show, I believe there is bound to be one in the Game. That being said, Telltale is much more willing and able to kill off characters quickly and in a heart aching fashion.

Possible End Deaths:

Kenny: He has been the Second hand guy for Lee and is a huge part of the story. Seeing him go will be devistating which would wrap up the show well. He was a Vital part to building Clemintine up to who she is now. He could be the hardest to see die at the end or it could be the next person.

Clemintine: She is the title character now and if telltale follows patterns thoughout their writing styles then Clementine will be the Final Death in Season 2. Of Course if this happens you will play another character. The Next Character if this were to happen would likely be Kenny but could also be Sarah as she will likely be a prevailant character later on in the season

Carlos: Going off of the chance that Sarah could be an end character (Meaning a character that goes onto season 3), That means the she will likely be a broken character the will feel like the world is against her.  This Father-Daughter relationship is what got this game so popular (Lee and Clementine). If her and Clementine live through then they will be 2 lost girls who have nothing left.

Character Living probability in my opinion 

This is only for character the either were confirmed living at season 2 or were in season 2 but has unknown statuses

Will the characters be dead at...


Episode 3: No

Episode 4: Not likely

Episode 5: Plausable


Episode 3: Not likely

Episode 4: Plausable

Episode 5: Likely


Episode 3: Unknown Status is likely

Episode 4: Plausible and likely found

Episode 5: Likely Dead


Episode 3: Plausable

Episode 4: Plausable

Episode 5: Yes


Episode 3:Not likely

Episode 4:likely

Episode 5: Yes


Episode 3: No

Episode 4: not likely

Episode 5:Plausable


Episode 3: Plausible

Episode 4: Likely

Episode 5: Likely

Alvin: (Det.)

Episode 3: Likely

Episode 4: Likely

Episode 5: Yes

Nick: (Det.)

Episode 3: Plausible (He is already determinant. He will likely die by episode 4)

Episode 4: Likely

Episode 5: Yes

William Carver:

Episode 3:No

Episode 4:Plausible

Episode 5:Yes


Episode 3: Likely

Episode 4:Likely

Episode 5:Yes


Episode 3: Plausable

Episode 4: Likely

Episode 5: Yes


Episode 3 :

Getting all of the character out of the way early I would like to discuss Carver's Camp. Carver Seems to be a "Governor" Character for the Video game. He's got a nearly Identical Wall and a "Community" inside. If that is true, Since all of our main Character are there I think that Carver will become a decent host but with the Cabin group not liking Carver anyways I think that they will die from either being cast out or from an execution from Carver. Possible characters for that would be: Carlos, Luke( If he gets found), Alvin (Det.), and Nick(Det.). If that community is a zombie free paradise then there will either be a dark part of the camp (other than carver), or the zombies will find their way in ( like alexandria in the comics). If the latter happens multiple Civilians will die and so will a few of Carvers troops and a main character. Again I know nothing about what the future hold but that will be a good possibility. If the camp is more than what it seems in a bad way than the group will get much smaller.

Episode 4:

If the Camp is a bad place and still not walker infested then I suspect it will. If that is the case then I think that both Clementine and Sarah will make it out alive, However I also think that Kenny has a 50/50 Chance of making it to the end of episode 4. In this situation I also think that Carver will no longer be the main antagonist and might either be killed by Clementine (25% chance if Carver dies) or Sarah (75% chance for injuring or possibly killing her father). If he lives in episode 4 then he will no longer be trying to kill the group but trying to form a new one. He will likely fail. However this is treading into Episode 5. The second possibility is that there is a zombie infested "Carverburry" at the start of episode 4. If that is the case then there will be less character death this route and is likely to become worse going into episode 5. One more thing is that I see Sarita dying in Episode 4. And after the events of that Kenny will likely not have the will to live and will either commit suicide (33% chance) or just not even try(Like the Governor in Season 4 [TV], also that is a 67% for me). It is plausible he dies in Episode 4 making the episode very morose. My predictions going into episode 5 is that Sarah and Clementine go north to find Christa (If not found), or to honor Crista/Kenny's Last wish for Clementine to go north.

Episode 5:

In this episode I am almost Certain that Almost everyone is dead and only 2-4 survivors are left. The 2 Gimmes for me would be Sarah and Clementine. Another very likely one is Carver and the final most likely one would be a Determinant Christa/Kenny. The 2-4 have a major tough time making it north and Slowly start dying off. I think that Clementine and Sarah will make it to the end where after the long trek there is nothing and with a character death of either The detemined Kenny/Christa and a possible Clementine I think that the third season will hold the biggest challenge for the character who is the most green in terms of survival. My Final Character prediction will be... Sarah

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