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  • Linebro

    There is a lot to talk about and they are nicely categorised

    Since there is an emotional Death at the end of every season on the TV show, I believe there is bound to be one in the Game. That being said, Telltale is much more willing and able to kill off characters quickly and in a heart aching fashion.

    Kenny: He has been the Second hand guy for Lee and is a huge part of the story. Seeing him go will be devistating which would wrap up the show well. He was a Vital part to building Clemintine up to who she is now. He could be the hardest to see die at the end or it could be the next person.

    Clemintine: She is the title character now and if telltale follows patterns thoughout their writing styles then Clementine will be the Final Death in Season…

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