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Do you want to see how you'd survive in a zombie apocalypse? Well, for one I know I'd like to try it out, but I'd certainly want a "pause" option--I need to pause repeatedly, just to watch The Walking Dead to keep from going nuts with suspense.

But the new AMC Walking Dead Social Game, developed by Eyes Wide Games of Atlanta, GA, is more than just seeing how you would survive amongst zombies--you get to see how your friends are doing! Do you think the accountant at your office is a wimp? Well, you might be surprised when you see him hacking down zombies left and right! And you thought your muscle-bodied buddy could do anything--but maybe he can't fight off zombies as well as he can fight off a belly bulge.

The object of the game is, of course, to kill off the zombies. You will be evaluated based on attributes you can build like stamina, shooting accuracy, range of motion and vision. You also have the chance to improve these attributes.

You can play the game now here. How do you think you'll do? Comment below and tell us how you feel!

And remember, Season 3 starts on October 14, at 9pm.

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