Hey Guys! its been a while since i made my last Blog, so i decide to make one for the old Times XD, ok so Season 4 of TWD has a lot of Surprises and great moments, i wanted to share my favorites moments from the Season till now and then you guys put yours in the Comments so lets beggin.

30 Days Without And Accident: I Liked the whole Supply Run in the Big Spot, the new Characters introduction and the Ending of the Episode.

Infected: The Cell Block D Attack, When the Walkers start to push agains the Fence and the Final Scene.

Isolation: Rick and Tyreese fighting, the Herd.

Indifference: Rick banishes Carol.

Internment: Rick and Hershel conversation, Hershel fighting the Walkers in A Block, Rick and Carl killing the Walkers in the Yard, again the Ending.

Live Bait: The Governor Killing Zombified David and the Walkers in the Pit.

Dead Weight: The Walkers in the Mud and the Governor staring at Undead Pete in the Lake.

Too Far Gone: The Whole Episode XD

After: Carl Blaming Rick for everything, Michonne's Dream. When Carl fights the Walker in the House and the Pudding Scene XD

Inmates: Tyreese and the Samuels Kid scene, Glenn escaping The Prison in a Badass way, Abraham and Co Introduction

Claimed: Rick Trying to escape from Joe's Group and the Fight in the Bathroom, Michonne's Past being further revealed, Glenn vs Abraham.

Still: Daryl and Beth interaction, the Episode ending.

Alone: Bob getting developed, the Walkers invading the house where Daryl and Beth where, Glenn discovers the Terminus Sign.

The Grove: The Ben and Billy Arc adapted, Lizzie's final Fate, Carol reveals the Truth to Tyreese.

Well thats all guys, i know i should have done this after the Season Ending but i wanted to post it. So tell me your favorites moments of the Season, bye!