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What event from the comic you want to see next Season ?

Leoxen August 18, 2013 User blog:Leoxen

Well, as i don't really know how to make a Poll, i will put the options below this text, so as the title says maybe all of you espect to see more from the comics next season, so i will like to know your opinion, here it is.

-The Prison War from Issue 48.

-A Character To Take Ben's Role from The Comic As A Psyco.

-2 Characters Suicide Like Chris And Julie.

-Rick And Tyreese Fighting.

-Abraham And Co apereance.

-Rick speech We Are The Walking Dead.

-The Hunters Arc.

-Tyreese And Michonne Romance.

-The Group Looking Supplies In The National Guard Outpost. (This One Probably Is Not Much Important And wont Happen.)

If You Guys Ask Me, Tyreese and Rick Fight Is What I Want To See, And It Looks Like Daryl Is Going In The Middle Of It.

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