so, am starting to get worried about season 4, i saw the video of the cast on set and they mentioned that the new threat is worse than walkers and humans combined, now we still don't know what this is all about but i think it would be really shitty if the new threat are Walker-animals or Running Zombies or worst some kind of Mutation or monster, that just doesn't fit the series and obviously many people will stop watching the show, now many people says that the new treath is some Natural Disasters like Tornados or Eartquakes, and others say that is a Desease from the elderly members of the prison. so the question here, what you guys think the new threat is all about ?: Weather, Decease, The Hunters, a Killer or traitor on the Prison ? Maybe this threath will appear on the first episode, just a preddiction i found in a blog (sorry for my spelling or grammar, english not my languaje)