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  • Leoxen

    Hey Guys! so i found this interesting picture, you can see Rick, Michonne, Carl and Daryl in what looks to be a room in Terminus with chained Walkers, we didn't see this on the Episode so it could be a deleted scene. 

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  • Leoxen

    Hey Guys! its been a while since i made my last Blog, so i decide to make one for the old Times XD, ok so Season 4 of TWD has a lot of Surprises and great moments, i wanted to share my favorites moments from the Season till now and then you guys put yours in the Comments so lets beggin.

    30 Days Without And Accident: I Liked the whole Supply Run in the Big Spot, the new Characters introduction and the Ending of the Episode.

    Infected: The Cell Block D Attack, When the Walkers start to push agains the Fence and the Final Scene.

    Isolation: Rick and Tyreese fighting, the Herd.

    Indifference: Rick banishes Carol.

    Internment: Rick and Hershel conversation, Hershel fighting the Walkers in A Block, Rick and Carl killing the Walkers in the Yard, again the E…

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  • Leoxen

    Well i've been thinking a lot this but i wanted to know what are thoughts on this guys, maybe this flu affected only the prison but maybe not, if it is like that, then it would be safer to get out of the prison but with the meds that Daryl brought i think this sickness is going to disappear, other thing is, do you guys think that we will actually get to know how this Flu appeared ? or are they just going to leave it aside and there won't be explanation for it ?. Leave your thoughts below.

    ps: as always, sorry if i have some spelling mistakes, English is not my first language :)

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  • Leoxen

    Enjoy, looks really cool.


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  • Leoxen

    So if many of you guys, watched the Found Its Way In Trailer, you will notice that in one scene, you can see someone walking in what looks like to be some part of the Prison, if you look closely he is carrying a Knife. He looks like Daryl but we never know, he could be someone else, so what you guys think he is ?

    Picture here:


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