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The Walking Dead - Season 2 Episode 2 "A House Divided" fan made trailer (Movie Edition)

The Walking Dead Movie Edition - Season Two Episode 2 Trailer-001:44

The Walking Dead Movie Edition - Season Two Episode 2 Trailer-0

The dead have risen to feast on the living, and the living cannot be trusted. Episode 2 of Clementine's story in the new, undead world.

So, ever since I've Posted the link to the first trailer I've gathered a little feedback and gained a couple of people that like my work. Not as many as people would think, but even two-three subscribers that watch me are good enough to motivate me to keep doing what I'm doing. As an extra, (and lack of 400 days edition on youtube), I've also decided to include Bonnie's storyline into the episode 2, since she makes an appearance there and could use a little background story to support her character.

Feedback, criticism, as always, is greatly appreciated!

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