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The Walking Dead Fan-Casting: Alexandria Safe-Zone

I'm just going to cut straight to the chase. I will not be giving reasons as to why I want the actor to portray the character, to all of them. So, without further ado, let's get started:

Fan-Casting #1: Jesse Spencer as Aaron

Jesse spencer as aaron

Fan-Casting #2: Donald Glover as Heath

Donald glover as heath

Fan-Casting #3: The Monroe Family

Mike Ehrmantraut--I mean, Johnathan Banks as Douglas Monroe

Johnathan banks as douglas

  • I mean, come on. Look at the guy!

Maggie Smith as Regina Monroe

Maggie smith as regina

Donnie Wahlberg as Spencer Monroe

Donnie wahlberg as spencer

  • I know, I know. He's a bit fricken old to play 27 year old Spencer. But honestly, I think 44 year old Donnie has "the right stuff" to play him. Just, pretend he's younger.

Fan-Casting #4: Sarah Jones as Holly

Sarah jones as holly

Fan-Casting #5: Nicholas' Family

Freddie Prinze Jr. as Nicholas

Freddie prince jr as nicholas

Ty Simpkins as Mikey

Ty simpkins as mikey

Fan-Casting #6: The Anderson Family

Bruce Campbell as Pete Anderson, not Negan

Bruce campbell as pete, not negan

Jenna Fischer as Jessie Anderson

Jenna fischer as jessie

????? as Ron Anderson

  • I'm lost on this one.

Fan-Casting #7: Brooke Elliot as Olivia

Brooke elliot as olivia


Fan-Casting #8: Isaiah Washington as Fr. Gabriel Stokes

Isiah washington as father gabriel

And Fan-Casting #9: *drum-roll* Patrick Warburton as Negan

Patrick warburton as negan

So yeah, what do you guys think? Who do agree with on the most part, and disagree on?

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