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Daryl's New "Friend"

~~Possible Spoilers Below~~ ~~Possible Spoilers Below~~ ~~Possible Spoilers Below~~

Okay guys, so AMC 'supposedly' released a new picture for Season 4 Part B. I say 'supposedly' because I found it on Facebook, and the page admin said that AMC released it, and I didn't know whether to believe them or not. Anyways the picture shows Daryl and another person with grey hair. Although it's too tall to be Carol. The two are walking on train tracks, where I hope they will run into Rick and Carl.

Here's the picture:

Daryl and friend

So who do you guys think Daryl's mysterious friend is? Eugene? Carol who went through some form of a growth-spurt? I think it's Eugene.

EDIT: But more importantly, why does Daryl have a trash bag? What's its significance? What's in it? What brand of trash bag is it?

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