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    Good Evening ladies and gentlemen...

    To go along with the recent news about Kevin Durand being approached to play Negan, more news regarding future recurring characters surfaces. Whether these characters belong to Season 5 or the untitled The Walking Dead Companion Series is currently unknown.

    The characters are described as:

    Donna ~~ 50s - 60s. A formidable, much respected and influential journalist that displays integrity, strength, and occasionally wiseass humor. She's a leader, a mother, and someone who reads people very well....RECURRING, ACTOR MUST NOT BE CONTRACTED TO ANOTHER PILOT / SERIES. WE CANNOT CONSIDER ANYONE WHO IS IN SECOND POSITION.

    Olivia, Paula, Erin???

    Samantha ~~ Early to late 30s. Attractive, strong, smart, charming and articu…
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    SPOILERS ...I think

    Michonne, Hershel, Mitch, and The Governor!

    Check it out on Entertainment Weekly:

    'The Walking Dead' Season 4 Deleted Scene.

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    So, most of you have heard by now that there will be a new character introduced in Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead by the name of "Burton". Burton is 17 years old and has had to suffer through the loss of his leg (presumably by a zombie bite). He also is a prisoner of Terminus, and is supposedly going to be recruited by Rick to help him, his group, and all other prisoners of Terminus, breakout.

    The following was said about Burton by Leanne Aguilera during Spoiler Chat:

    "Our gang may have been in a tight-spot when we last left them, but Rick and Co. are going to be recruiting as many people as possible in order to get revenge on those man-eating freaks who run Terminus. One of the allies we're most excited to meet is 17-year-old Burton. He may…
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    Ok, so SpoilerTV released the first of hopefully many promotional photos to come. The picture shouldn't really be that spoilery as we already saw the scene in a sneek peak for the episode.


    The Walking Dead returns on February 9th, but you already knew that.

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    I'm just going to cut straight to the chase. I will not be giving reasons as to why I want the actor to portray the character, to all of them. So, without further ado, let's get started:

    • I mean, come on. Look at the guy!

    • I know, I know. He's a bit fricken old to play 27 year old Spencer. But honestly, I think 44 year old Donnie has "the right stuff" to play him. Just, pretend he's younger.

    • I'm lost on this one.

    So yeah, what do you guys think? Who do agree with on the most part, and disagree on?

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