Because on the 2nd or 3rd play, you know what to expect and all, so its the 1st choices that matter lol here are my big choices


Looked for help during daylight

Told hershel the truth

Saved Duck

Sided with Kenny ( over duck being bit )

Gave irene the gun to kill her self

Saved carley


Left the guy in the trap

Fed Clem, Duck mark and larry

Chose not to go to the dairy

Did not shoot jolene

did not kill danny st john ( i wanted to but accidently didnt, i was pissed off lol )

Tried to save larry

Killed andy st john

Took the food from the car


Shot the girl in the street

Left lilly on side of road

Shot duck myself

Saved christa first

sorry if i have missed out a few bug choices, i cant remember them all i know i have missed a few from EP 3.

what did YOU do? lol