Does anyone think that the crazy guy clems mum talked about on the machine is the same guy whos talking to clem on the walkie? think about it, when she said crazy guy we all assumed she was talking about a walker and that he must have bit ed, but mabey it was this guy, and he took the walkie the parents had ( they must have had 3 walkies ) and mabey ed was in the hospital after being attacked by this guy. it makes sence to me lol

and i think chuck will turn out to be a pedafile too, telltale put little hints in the episodes ( mark saying that he wouldent want to be stuck in a room with larry and saying he would proberly BE food by now ) and if you tell kenny about youre past he ask if you " touched kids " i think is a hint of things to come, if a bum offerd youre kid candy in real life, what would you think? plus all the hints in episode 3 about how " new pople are bad " i dont even think i can trust omid and christa....i think kenny is the only guy on my side left as ben will surley die in episiode 4.