So as one can tell from the title I think the walking dead has gone downhill. The first half of the season was amazing. Absolutely amazing. It was Lori's time to go and a male character had to go so it had to be T dog. The only mistake was killing off Oscar. Now this will be extensive but this is how I would redo all 8 episodes of the 2nd half of the season. Let's begin.

The only difference is Oscar hasn't been killed but he's been wounded and is being treated while Rick and Maggie are going for Daryl.

Episode 9: The group rescue Daryl and Merle from the Governor and the 2 split away from the group. The group gets back to the prison where Oscar is treated and recovers. There is a lot of fluff talk and it's replaced by the 1st scene of Daryl and Merle in the 10th episode. When Axel asks Oscar how he is doing Oscar admits his dissapointment of still being alive since everything else is gone in the world. The episode is pretty similar to the orginal other than those changes. Tyreese and his group are still kicked out by a delusional Rick and Andrea still re-energizes the Woodbury folk. Dr. Stephens is also part of the cast more now.

Episode 10: The beginning of the episode is Daryl and Merle coming across the mexican surivors and rescuing them. The decision to return to the Prison takes place earlier in the episode than orginally. Andrea presses to visit the prison group to create a peace treaty but the Governor rejects. She tells Milton and he tells the governor about this. The governor tells Milton to help her after he heads out. When Andrea asks where the Governor, Martinez, and the rest went Milton gives in to letting her go to the prison. When the get the walker for her they stumble across Tyreese and his group. Milton takes them back as Andrea continues on. During all this Rick has isolated himself, Glenn is vengeful, Axel and Carol bond just a bit but Axel also talks with Oscar more. Really all of the fluff and unneccessary talking is out. Then the attack occurs. Axel is talking with Carol and the recovering Oscar as quickly as possible tells them to get down. Oscar is shot in the head by the Governor because of his recgonition from the Woodbury attack. The same events occur and Oscar serves as a shield for his comrade Axel. The same fighting events occur and it ends the same way other than Axel being alive and Oscar being dead.

Episode 11: There is furious debate on Merle's entrance but that's interrupted when Andrea comes knocking. Andrea's visit to the group is short and sweet. She seeks peace but the group is angry with the attack that occured less than a half hour ago. She talks to Michonne then leaves vowing to be able to seek peace. Meanwhile The Governor and his men have returned and Milton tells him about Andrea and the arrival of Tyreese's group. Dr. Stephens treats them and then Tyreese and the group pledge allegance and it's let slip that they were recently inside the prison. The Governor hides the importance of it but he will use that information later. It's now around a week later. Rick, Daryl, Hershel, and Axel arrive to the meeting place. The meeting with the governor is shorter this time and the communication between Daryl, Hershel, Axel / Martinez, Andrea, Milton is shorter too. This is where we see Axel recovering over Oscar's death. The Governor reveals he wants Merle and Michonne because of what they've done to him. He gives them a weeks time. The prison time during this is brief just with Merle wanting Michonne to join him in killing the Governor and Merle being stopped by Glenn to exit. Rick tells the group to get ready for war, The Governor tells his men to see how Rick's group react before they plan something. Rick tells Hershel of the Governor's offer and tells him they need reinforcements and he's heading out.

Episode 12: The next day Rick, Carl, Michonne head out to get weapons. This is a lot of the episode but it is really shortened and a lot of "fluff" is cut out. The same result occurs. Rick gets Morgan's guns and Carl grabs a picture of his mother but it's all faster. In the prison Daryl and Merle go looking for a map of the prison. They come across some problems but find the warren of the prison's office and grab a map of the prison in hope to find more weapons. There's alot of borther bonding and the essential Dixon brother zombie butt kicking scenes. At Woodbury The Governor, Milton, and Martinez seek answers about how they got into the prison and everything about it. Tyreese and Sasha are uncomfortable about it but the Governor reassures the possible danger of the group and says it's a precaution. Andrea is snooping around trying to find the truth and continously asks the Governor questions and then questions  Tyreese's group about the prison. Not all characters are in this episode but there's a lot more than orginally which makes this episode a lot better.

Episode 13: The next day the search for weapons in the prison begins. 2 groups split up. Daryl, Merle, Carol, and Rick and Glenn, Maggie, Carl, and Michonne. Axel tries to bond with Hershel but he is hesitant to communicate. Rick's group are the ones who make it to the weapons and find it mainly intact. During this Rick hallucinates and also shows debate whether to trade Merle away or not. Glenn's group finds the hole in the prison where Tyreese and his group got into but before that Glenn grabs a ring from a female walker. At Woodbury Martinez in forms The Governor of the guns Rick came back with and Andrea criticizes the war frenzy occuring but the Governor ignores her. Andrea confronts Dr. Stephens who denies everything while Andrea criticizes her for not standing up. Later The Governor gets Allen, Martinez, Paul (minor character look him up) , Bruce (new character made to die later, 35 year old normal survivor). With impeccable timing the Governor arrives while Glenn's group is just leaving that area. Allen directs the Governor to how they got into the prison and they search the area to see walkers recently cleared by Glenn's group. The Governor orders no one to fire as Maggie comes to close to discovering where they are. This is suspenseful but she leaves and they escape back to Woodbury. When Allen returns there is debate whether he should be helping them out because the prison people were good other than Rick. It ends with Glenn proposing to Maggie and The Governor getting people to take shooting practice much to Andrea's distaste.

Episode 14: It's now the 1 week deadline offered by the Governor. Only Rick, Hershel and Glenn know about the trade offer for Merle and Michonne. It's decided that they tell Daryl that the Governor only wants Michonne. After Daryl is told this he tells Merle as well in order to get a helping hand. Merle recongizes everyone's indecisiveness and decides to take this into his own hands and deliver Michonne to the Governor himself. (There isn't a lot of scene times and fluff like there was before when delivering her took forever until Merle changed his mind in the real TV Show) Meanwhile the Governor is preparing to ambush Rick and his group. Milton is the one who tells Andrea about this and tells her to run. Andrea has snuck out of Woodbury only to be awaited by Shupert and 2 other Woodbury men. She makes a run for it and is trapped when the Governor and Martinez who knock her out. It's revealed that Milton told the Governor that Andrea was making a run for it. The Governor sits in with Andrea and tells her Michonne will be coming to join her shortly. Milton and Dr. Stephens start talking and realize their grave mistakes. Dr. Stephens wants to get out immediately but Milton says to wait until Michonne is delivered so they can have more help. Merle and Michonne arrive and are surrounded quickly by the Governor and his men. The Governor laughes at the ease it took for him to get what he wanted. Merle draws his weapon but is shot in the arm. Both are captured. Meanwhile Rick and the group have realized Merle and Michonne were gone and Daryl reveals that he told Daryl. Rick and Daryl head out to the meeting place while Hershel is told to prepare for war. The episode ends with The Governor leaving with Andrea, Michonne, and Merle all under his capture in different rooms.

Episode 15: The meeting place is empty with no loss of life evident. Daryl believes his brother has been kidnapped and says he'll get him no matter what. Rick complies and the two head to Woodbury. Milton seeks help so he shows Tyreese what is planned for the three traitors under the Governor's capture. Tyreese pleads to his group but only Sasha is with him. Allen said he doesn't care and just wants a safe haven. Rick and Daryl sneak into Woodbury and come across Sasha who is ready to flee. She tells them of the captured group members and Rick and Daryl join forces with Milton, Dr. Stephens, Tyreese, and Sasha. Everyone is rescued when The Governor, Martinez, Shupert, Bruce, and others come running in. Everyone manages to escape and a woodbury soldier is killed. Rick comes head to head with Shupert and fails to beat him fist to fist as The Governor and the rest come. Rick is tied down to the chair and only Bruce remains with the Governor as he sends the rest to catch the escapees. The two talk for a minute and a half before the Governor takes off Rick's left hand. Meanwhile Merle had told Daryl he wasn't going to run and the brothers agree to go back for Rick while Andrea, Tyreese, Milton, Sasha, and Dr Stephens head to the prison. Daryl and Merle take out 2 woodbury soliders before reaching the Governor and Bruce. Bruce standing in front of the Governor saves his life but Bruce dies as he escapes. Daryl and Merle get Rick and make a run for it. All of Woodbury chase after them and Merle realizes he must make a sacrifice. Merle fights off Woodbury killing Ben and 7 others as Rick and Daryl escape. Merle is shot 3 times in the proccess and is beaten by Martinez and Allen. They leave him for the Governor who jabs Michonne's weapon into him. Then the Governor takes off Merle's head. Meanwhile at the prison Hershel speaks from the bible and Glenn and Maggie announce their marriage. Once Andrea, Michonne, Milton, Tyreese, Sasha, and Stephens arrive there is debate of where Rick, Daryl, and Merle are. The whole group prepares for war and as Carl is on watch Rick and Daryl come charging to the gates. Rick is in awful condition as Hershel and Stephens treat him. The group debates what to do and it's not revealed what occurs. The town of Woodbury unite and The Governor simply says they'll attack in the morning.

Prison Group: Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Andrea, Hershel, Beth, Judith, Carl, Carol, Tyreese, Sasha, Axel, Milton, and Stephens. They'e who is at the prison.

Woodbury: The Governor, Martinez, Shupert, Allen, Paul, Karen, Noah, and atleast 25 soldiers. Atleast a dozen civilians.

Episode 16: The sun is rising and Rick is standing over Lori's grave and hallunicates and sees her. Hershel calls for Rick to come inside since he's just lost his hand and all. The group is packing up their things and everyone exits the cell blocks. The Governor gives a 2 minute speech motivating Woodbury and everyone sets out. Against Martinez's request to leave people behind to guard Woodbury The Governor orders those who can't fight to guard the walls even children. The Governor and Woodbury make the same entrance they made in the TV show and find the prison completely empty and head to the tombs. There is a group of 4 soldiers in the entrance Tyreese and his group came in led by Shupert. In the prison cell there is a note saying they're gone but The Governor still continued. The gas bombs are put out to scare Woodbury into the courtyard. Glen and Maggie push the woodbury ciitzens to their vehicles to flee but Allen shoots the tires of the vehicle that tries to flee telling everyone they must fight. The Governor and Martinez reinforce this and Woodbury pushes back into the prison forcing Glen and Maggie to run. An ailing Rick is leading Daryl, Axel, Carol, Tyreese, Sasha, Milton, Andrea, and Michonne to attack. Daryl frees two dozen walkers locked in a courtyard and they are directed towards the Woodbury army. Michonne, Milton, Axel, and Tyreese are nearly ineffective as shooters but a lot of woodbury soldiers go down and a lot retreat. Some that never went back in battle included Karen and her asthmatic son Noah who stayed with the vehicles. As Martinez, Allen, Paul and the rest move on, The Governor chases the 5-6 soldiers that fled and shoots them down. This horrifies Karen and Noah who remain at their vehicle while shooting at incoming walkers. The rest of woodbury hadn't noticed because they continue on. Carl, Hershel, Beth, Judith, and Stephens are waiting at the car during all of this and Carl decides he must go to help. It's the end for Axel as he gets shot in the neck but tries to keep firing until he's fatally shot in multiple times including in the head by the Governor. The prison group is pushed back as Shupert and the 3 soldiers with him pin them. Carl takes out 2 woodbury soldiers distracting them and forcing Shupert and Martinez to fall back. As the prison group gain the advantage as Glenn and Maggie come to help. The remaining Woodbury soldiers retreat except for Allen. Allen wildly fires his gun and is killed by Tyreese. Paul criticizes everything that has occurred so The Governor point blank shoots him. Martinez, Shupert, and the 3 remaining soldiers continue their blind loyalty to the Governor. The car with Hershel, Beth, Stephens, and Judith arrive as a win is about to celebrate. Karen and Noah plead to join after seeing the Governor massacre the men and Karen pleads she didn't fire her weapon. Rick is about to pass out and Stephens goes over to assist him. The group starts to calcualate the damage as the remaing men lurk in the background. The prison is being overrun because the fence to the courtyard had been destroyed. Daryl is the only one to suspect that the Governor still stands and holds his gun ready. One of the remaining woodbury soldiers gets impatient and decides to take a shot at Rick for killing one of his friends. The poorly thought of shot hits Stephens and he's gunned down by Daryl. Another soldier completates surrounder so the governor quietly kills him. Martinez, Shupert, and the other soldier are forced to return fire. Everyone is in the way and Glenn takes a bullet in the chest Beth is hit with 2 bullets while she carrying Judith and they both hit the ground hard. The remaining woodbury soldier is scattered with bullets including from Karen and Martinez makes a run for it as Shupert is killed by Daryl. The governor was the one who shot both Glenn and Beth and takes a shot gun to the chest from Hershel. The Governor coughs up his blood as it's revealed Beth, Judith, and Stephens are all dead and Glenn is just wounded. The Governor is laughing even though he's spitting up blood and Rick goes over to him and executes him with a single bullet to the head. The group has been hit hard and retreats. Woodbury is the only solution and it's agreed ruthlessness is needed. Carl, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, and Carol force the Woodbury citizens to leave and the prison group takes over. When one of the woodbury members takes longer and hints possible rebellion Carl shoots him. This is noted by the group and told to by Rick of Carl's coldness but the primary concern is Judith's death with those two. The last moments are the group gathered around in Woodbury. The group is now Rick Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Andrea, Hershel, Carl, Carol, Tyreese, Sasha,  Milton , Karen, and Noah. Rick quotes "we are the walking dead" as the sun sets. before this Martinez has himself cornered. As walkers are breaking through Martinez looks in his pocket to the picture of his family then kills as many walkers as possible before he puts the last bullet in his head.

Long I know

Season 4: Noah's death. Probably Sasha, Carol, Andrea. Probably Milton and Hershel. Maybe Glenn. Include the hunters for 3-4 episodes but make it the road to washington. Include Sgt. Abe Ford and more characters.

The last 8 episodes were so frustratingly bad I needed to write this. Opinions let them out if you read it. In my opinion it'd be better than the TV show's episodes. Episode 16 here was sloppy though. Whatever. Here it is.