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  • Le J Cap

    Can Hershel walk?

    July 19, 2013 by Le J Cap

    I just watched the trailer twice. Did anyone else notice that Hershel was standing up and without crutches? Do you think he has a peg leg now or something?

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  • Le J Cap

    So as one can tell from the title I think the walking dead has gone downhill. The first half of the season was amazing. Absolutely amazing. It was Lori's time to go and a male character had to go so it had to be T dog. The only mistake was killing off Oscar. Now this will be extensive but this is how I would redo all 8 episodes of the 2nd half of the season. Let's begin.

    The only difference is Oscar hasn't been killed but he's been wounded and is being treated while Rick and Maggie are going for Daryl.

    Episode 9: The group rescue Daryl and Merle from the Governor and the 2 split away from the group. The group gets back to the prison where Oscar is treated and recovers. There is a lot of fluff talk and it's replaced by the 1st scene of Daryl …

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  • Le J Cap

    I'm sure I wasn't the first person to notice this but all of the sudden everyone in The Walking Dead is wearing clothes for colder weather. I'm also pretty sure I saw some leaves on the ground and trees changing colors in the background. It's only 11 months in on the breakout so we should be in like April or May so what's up with the dramatic change of weather? They wouldn't have made an error as big as skipping through summer and going straight to fall right?

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