After reading this post I did some thinking about what it would be like to be a woman on The Walking Dead. My conclusion: it would be a horrible and confusing experience. The fact that the show is so male-driven (we've had Frank Darabont, Glenn Mazzara, Scott Gimple, and Robert Kirkman) makes it a miracle that any of the females on the show get some lines. While the women have each had their own particular moments and do have their own storylines, more often than not they are reliant on the male characters to protect them or provide depth to their character.

Maggie: Maggie has been probably the best example of what we can hope to get from a female character on the show. She isn't really whiny, she's a good person, she can kick butt, and everything about her so far has been realistic and logical. She hasn't done anything stupid or crazy...yet. But even her storyline isn't without its rough patches, as she was almost raped by the Governor. Of course, there just had to be a scene where a white male is asserting his control and power over a female. Yawn. Boring. We've seen this too many times. The fact that Maggie was willing to be raped, rather than give away information, showed just how strong her character was, and I liked that bravery from her. She didn't give up any info until Glen's life was threatened, which showed she is indeed in love with him. 

Which brings me to Maggie and Glen's relationship. There's been a good balance of romance and logic between them, and that's always good. We haven't been forced to focus on the fact that they are having sex all the time. It's more about the love that these two have for each other. Also, the fact that Maggie didn't have to like Glen. She chose to. Not because she needed protection, but because she wanted love. Maggie can handle a gun just as well as any of the guys can. 

Because her character has been perfect so far, I'm just waiting for it to get screwed up.

Lori: Lori! Ah, Lori. This really makes me angry, because it's a case of a bunch of female-hating men getting together and creating a horrible representation of women, just because they were scorned in their past relationships. First of all, yes, Lori cheated. YES, SHE DID IT. But you know what? 

A. She was told (by Shane, her husband's best friendthat Rick was dead. So, logically, if she chooses to get with Shane, that's her business, right? She's single.

B. Shane was the one who started it! I haven't heard anyone complain about what a jerk Shane was. It's always, "Shane was awesome!" "Shane was cool!" Whatever. Everyone loves to jump on Lori, but God forbid if you actually look at the truth of the situation and how it really happened. Not Lori's fault.

C. Lori ended it right after she found out Rick was alive. Ok? Shane was the creepy one who kept going after her and Carl. Lori told him repeatedly to leave them alone. Look it up. Watch season 1 and 2 again.

And yes, Lori lost Carl. A lot. Yes, she asked other people to look after him. But hey, Lori had a lot going on. She was trying to decide what to do with her baby, she was trying to keep Shane's hands off of her, she was trying to keep Rick sane. The fact that she chose to keep the baby, knowing that it would kill her eventually, demonstrated what a selfless, caring woman she was. She was the only one sitting down with Carl to make sure he was still getting his school done. That's a mom. And hey, along with Dale, she was the first character to realize just how evil Shane was. 

In season 3, it wasn't like Lori didn't try to save her marriage. She tried. She repeatedly reached out to Rick during her last days with him, and she beat herself up over what had happened with Shane. Rick was the one who had turned cold and shut her out. Their relationship was actually on the mend, but guess what - the writers decided Lori becoming a good person was not a good thing. So they killed her off. Gone before she could ever re-establish her relationship with Rick. But you know, the lady went out bringing new life into the world, so I give her a standing ovation for that. (The fact that Lori appeared later as a ghost and had some sort of closure was a plus, but the fact that she was unnecessarily devoured by a walker was a big minus.) Shame on you writers. And shame on the fans who jumped on the "I hate Lori" bandwagon. It isn't hard to dislike someone. It takes a bigger and better person to find the good qualities in someone and like them.

Andrea: Andrea was a really tragic case, and the best example of what I'm talking about. The women on this show are treated so unfairly. Why is it that Dale got to be the wise one, and Andrea was made out to be a fool? No woman is that dumb. No woman would stay with a man like the Governor. But actually, maybe they might. There are REAL men out there who are controlling and manipulative like the Governor was. These women get so mentally and physically abused that they believe they have nowhere else to go. They believe they aren't worthy, they aren't capable, and they are made to feel like they are the bad ones in the relationship for wanting out. Also, they usually have no money and are so alienated from their families that they cannot escape. 

But, back to Andrea. This woman had a college degree. She was a lawyer. You can't tell me she didn't realize what was going on with Philip. As I said before, a bunch of male writers going out of their way to be jerks and controlling a female to make her make bad decisions and become reliant on males for protection. Andrea could kick butt. She didn't need WoodburyShe could have been out there with Michonne, kicking it in the woods. But it would have been SHOCKING to see not 1, but 2 women on their own, actually surviving, without the help of men. So, they couldn't have that.

And the fact that she was right there - RIGHT THERE - at the prison, and the Governor has somehow escaped the zombie crowd and caught up with her - it was disgusting. Disgusting. Then she gets tied up in MIlton's lab, and in the finale, it takes her the whole episode to get free. And even when she's free, she isn't quick enough to stab Milton? Please. Pleeease. I call BS on that one.

Michonne: The fact that Michonne is even on this show is a miracle. First of all, isn't it so refreshing to see a strong African American female? I mean, really. If I want to watch a bunch of white dudes make big decisions and have everything go right for them, I can watch Mad Men, Game of Thrones, or really any other TV show on Earth. 

I don't know about you, but I'm getting kind of tired of men. Yay, so another dude gets into a position of power and leads a group. So what? I can turn to a newspaper and the same thing is going on. How about you guys scooch over for like, one minute and let the girls make a decision for once. 

Anyway, back to Michonne. She don't need no man. She's got guys strapped in chains, and that's awesome. She's smart, she's brave, she's tough - she's fine. She doesn't need you, Rick. And she certainly doesn't need Woodbury or the Governor. 

Which isn't a good thing for Michonne.

Because you know what that means? She will probably be killed. Now that her whole storyline with the Governor (glad that jerk is gone), is done  I won't be surprised if she's done by the end of season 4. This show doesn't have a history of developing personalites of women. I'd LOVE to get to see what her backstory is. I'd LOVE to know exactly why she started crying when she held Judith. But you know, The Walking Dead doesn't really like doing flashbacks anymore. So I'm not getting my hopes high for that one. 

It'd be nice to see Michonne doing something other than carrying out plans for revenge. At least her character has been given the chance to break down and cry, and show that she is actually a human, which is more than  I could have hoped for. But I'm telling you, I was heartbroken by how Andrea was treated, so I won't be surprised to see something similar happen to Michonne. And when she dies, it probably won't even make sense. The only thing that could ever harm Michonne is another person, not a zombie.

Carol: Really? Carol? Carol was the one who set those bodies on fire? Carol, the housewife who used to get beat?

The writers completely made Carol out to be an evil person, just like they did with Lori, and frankly, I find what has happened to her storyline to be ridiculous and outrageous. We haven't seen Carol since when? What is she doing? Can we please watch her instead of whatever the heck was going on between the Governor and Lily?

Carol was great. We had this weak woman becoming strong and finding her own place in the group, and then bam. Oh, hey, I think I'm going to set these people on fire, for like, no reason at all. It was so out of character and so unnatural for her to be the one who did that. That was almost a good enough reason to stop watching the show. Anyway, whatever happens to Carol will probably not be good, as they have already ruined her reputation and I just....just can't deal with this. Oh, never mind the fact that they were showcasing the stereotypical weak female, beat on by her husband, too scared to stand up for herself, and then relying on Daryl to find her daughter. Whatever. The women should all band together and let the guys figure out who to "protect" after that.

Beth: Sweet, sweet Beth. The girl who takes care of the baby and falls in love with random guys. Both of her forgettable boyfriends have been killed. She's only been useful for singing and feeding the baby. I'm really frustrated by this whole scenario, because it reduces a young girl to someone who can't fend for themselves. Have we even seen Beth fight yet? I don't expect her storyline to change or gain any real depth, because she's been on the show since seaon 2. 

Sasha: Sasha has been a strong female so far - she was showing Tyreese how to shoot, and she coordinated the Big Spot move - but we haven't really seen much development into who she really is and how she thinks. Well, there was that one scene when she was sick and she was telling Hershel how she didn't believe in luck. But I'd like to find out more about her instead of just watching her take out walkers. 

Compare all of that with how much screen time Rick, Carl, Shane, Daryl and the Governor have all sucked up, and well, you get the picture. My faith in this show is fading. Any time there is a chance for diversity and something unexpected, The Walking Dead will almost certainly shy away from it, and that is something even worse than the apocalypse.