Hey guys, I've found the rest of the second half's episodes and details right here.


Episode 3 × 09 - "The Suicide King"  (King of Cups - Translator's note: the literal translation would be "The Suicide King", but this term is used in the U.S. as a reference to the letter of the King of Hearts, as the figure just shows the king with a knife in the head)

Synopsis:  Rick tries to rescue one of your group members. Woodbury is in disarray after a recent attack. New guests staying in prison are a source of concern.

Episode 3 × 10 - "Home"  (Home)

Synopsis:  The group is preparing his next move. Rick goes in search of his lost friend, and meanwhile, Daryl and Merle wonder if they themselves took the right decisions. The Governor of Woodbury try to restore order in the city and plans to punish those responsible for the chaos.

Episode 3 × 11 - "I Is not The Judas"  (I am not a Judas)

Synopsis:  Rick and the group are forced to make a decision now that their safety is no longer guaranteed. Andrea feels uncomfortable now that Woodbury turned into a police state.

Episode 3 × 12 - "Good As Dead" (As Good as Dead)

Synopsis: Rick finds his lost friend and is forced to make a decision that could change his life. Andrea increasingly suspicious of plans by the Governor.

Episode 3 × 13 - "Aftermath" (Results)

Synopsis: After making a difficult decision, Rick returns to prison and someone in the group is missing. The Governor plans to attack the prison.

Episode 3 × 14 - "This Is War" (This is War)

Synopsis: The Governor attacks the prison, a great battle begins. Rick is seriously wounded. Daryl makes a decision.

Episode 3 × 15 - "Do not Turn Me On" (Do not Tell Me)

Synopsis: Rick is betrayed. Michonne and Andrea reunite. The Governor confronts Rick and Glenn to talk to them where Andrea is.

Episode 3 × 16 - "Revenge" (Revenge)

Synopsis: Rick Martinez with escapes and discovers that someone in the group is deceiving; someone commits suicide in the group Rick and Tyreese blame for that.