Hi there, and I have recently seen a post by someone who said, "Either Delete Presumed Dead or Add More "Presumed" statuses." and I also thought of having Presumed Undead, but after seeing his post, I did not see that suggestion of adding more statuses. When I realized it, my idea came back, and I saw a situation it can already be used it.

Presumed Undead could be used in whether the Walker is finally dead or still roaming around. Jim for example, died the first month of the outbreak, (Correct Me if I am wrong on That) and turned into a walker... Or so we thought. How do we know if he REALLY turned? Unless AMC revealed his undead state that I am not unaware of, how do we for sure 100% know that is roaming around? What if before he died a herd of walkers came by and got to him? Or what if bandits came by and shot him for no good reason? Hm. Now, what if he did turn, but he maybe wandered off to some survivors and they got him/shot him in the head? That is where, "Presumed Undead" comes into place.

Another situation is the walker, "Callaway". He is said to be undead, but his last appearance was on the episode, "Bloodletting". He was also witnessed in the Webisode Series, "Torn Apart". The Wiki says he is still roaming around, but what if he was put down?

Let me know on your opinions on this, but nicely. Thanks. ;D