Ok, so I know there has been a lot of controversy about Judith either being alive or dead. I have something that I think may prove she is still alive.

1.) Ok, so remember the part when the two little girls were about to shoot Tara's "girlfriend"? There was four little kids, two of them ran away, and you have got to wonder... Where did they go? The kids wouldn't just LEAVE Judith on the ground in her cradle, so I think the two kids grabbed her and went on the bus.

2.) If walkers did eat her, the blood in the cradle is too little; the walkers would also not take her out and let eat her either, there was no blood on the ground next to the cradle.

Tell me what you guys think on this, it could be a stupid prediction or it could be pretty convincing, so explain to me what you dislike or what you liked about my prediction. :-)