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  • Lamborghini1616

    Judith: Alive

    January 2, 2014 by Lamborghini1616

    Ok, so I know there has been a lot of controversy about Judith either being alive or dead. I have something that I think may prove she is still alive.

    1.) Ok, so remember the part when the two little girls were about to shoot Tara's "girlfriend"? There was four little kids, two of them ran away, and you have got to wonder... Where did they go? The kids wouldn't just LEAVE Judith on the ground in her cradle, so I think the two kids grabbed her and went on the bus.

    2.) If walkers did eat her, the blood in the cradle is too little; the walkers would also not take her out and let eat her either, there was no blood on the ground next to the cradle.

    Tell me what you guys think on this, it could be a stupid prediction or it could be pretty convincin…

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  • Lamborghini1616

    This blog post here is going to review the episode. If you have not seen it yet, please do not click. Thank you.

    So... Is anyone glad that the Governor is gone? Man, I hope so! I felt that he was an indestructible character, he seemed to always escape death in a way that made you just want to go into the Television Series and kill him yourself.

    Anyone sad about Hershel? I hope so, he was a good character, the best doctor I felt they had. They do have other doctors, but none quite like Hershel.

    Anyone enjoy the season finale? Post your thoughts on this episode. ;D

    BTW, how do you add a Poll? I will add one on here for you guys to vote on, I will re-edit this when I am taught how.

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  • Lamborghini1616

    Hi there, and I have recently seen a post by someone who said, "Either Delete Presumed Dead or Add More "Presumed" statuses." and I also thought of having Presumed Undead, but after seeing his post, I did not see that suggestion of adding more statuses. When I realized it, my idea came back, and I saw a situation it can already be used it.

    Presumed Undead could be used in whether the Walker is finally dead or still roaming around. Jim for example, died the first month of the outbreak, (Correct Me if I am wrong on That) and turned into a walker... Or so we thought. How do we know if he REALLY turned? Unless AMC revealed his undead state that I am not unaware of, how do we for sure 100% know that is roaming around? What if before he died a he…

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  • Lamborghini1616

    For some reason, Lambert intrigues me. His status is, "Unknown"... What do you think he is doing?

    Is he thriving somewhere, like Military means or Camp of Survivors?

    Is he dead, possibly eaten or bitten/bit?

    I would like to know your guys' opinions on this, and tell me if you think he will make a reappearance. I personally do not think he will reappear, as his fate or his whereabouts are most likely going to stay unstated, but hey, who knows.

    Thanks! ;D

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