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  • LJ1979

    Beside the Dying Fire (goof)

    In the scene where Daryl drives the motorcycle to the RV that Jimmy is driving, right when you hear Daryl tell Jimmy it must of been Rick or Shane who started the fire why don't you just circle around, when saying that you will see Daryl throw what sounds like keys off to his left and you can see it land in the bush next to him before driving off to kill more Walkers!

    This is something you have to watch carefully cause it happens quickly

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  • LJ1979

    Martinez on cell phone

    April 11, 2013 by LJ1979

    When watching the season 3 finale "Welcome To The Tombs" I noticed when The Governor walks into Hershel's cell to find the bible on the table you will noticed that Martinez is walking past him from behind talking on a cell phone, when there is no cell phone signal anymore since the Outbreak!

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  • LJ1979

    Merle's death

    March 25, 2013 by LJ1979

    After seening tonights episode and watch Merle die then become a walker, I was thinking who all think the casting director should of not listed Michael Rooker as a main cast member if he wasn't going to live through the entire season doesn't make any sence!

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