That title was just sort of to grab attention and whatnot. :P

Anyhoot, since everyone in "The Walking Dead" world has to die at SOME point, when, how, and why do you think Glenn will die?

Keep in mind, I have no relation to the author, I know nothing about the future of the Walking Dead, etc., etc.

This is just MY opinion. If you disagree, please kindly leave your own response, I'd LOVE to hear it.

When?: Issue - I believe Glenn should 'go' in issue 100. Due to the fact we don't know what will happen to the group of survivors, I can't really pinpoint a location.

How?: Personally, I wouldn't like to see Glenn die. Even though he has been a favorite of mine and many others, I feel like Glenn has served his time with Rick Grimes. I say this, because my personal idea is that Glenn should leave, or somehow get separated from the original group. For instance, I think it would be cool if, and keep in mind this will never happen, let's say Rick Grimes, Glenn, and the rest of the group are on a bridge. Glenn in back, rest in front. Out of nowhere, be it due to corrosion, tnt, or some other reason, the bridge begins to wobble uncontrolably and begins to collapse.

Glenn gets separated in the chaos, and is stuck on one side of the bridge with another survivor. Glenn must choose to save himself, or the other survivor. (just for educational purposes, let's make this survivor Carl Grimes.) Glenn knows so much about Rick, and his connection between his son, and own sanity. Glenn knows that if anything were to happen to Carl, Rick might become 'lost' and never come back. Glenn rushes to the group, and is bringing Carl along with him. Glenn knows what he's doing, and rushes as fast as he can to reunite the family. Again, personally, I think this might be a cool chance to see another survivor die, not necessarily Carl. So, essentially, Glenn rushes with Carl in arm, and soon after he realizes his journey has almost come to an end, lower part of a bridge post is begininng to collapse. Glenn notices a destroyed 18-wheeler stuck inbetween the growing gap of the bridge, and realizes what he must do. Sprinting, utterly emotionless, Glenn jumps on top of the truck. The tanker gives out from underneath him, and Glenn throws Carl with all of his strength towards Rick.

Carl lands on the ripped pavement and metal plateau branching off of his father's side of the bridge. Death grip enabled, Carl holds on for his life as his father pulls him up. The group, realizing that their side of the bridge is safe, spends the night on the bridge out of respect for their dead comrade. Glenn died doing what he did best, protecting the group.

Why?: I just feel like Glenn has spent his fair share of time on the show, and it's time for Andrea or another new character to take the place of Rick's right-hand man. I mean, of course, another survivor may be substituted, but I feel like Glenn is about ready to go.

I understand this is long and very bad, but just go with it. :P I'm not a writer, and my report card can show you that. Have fun if you do respond, guys. Thanks for reading!