First of let me say that love the tv show,without i would not be a walking dead fan today and for a while i thought it was better than the comics(witch itself is amazing) but after this my opinion just took a big 180.

Now let me get into the good first

  • The Governor is a badass
  • Andrea's death, it made me feel really bad for her
  • Herschel(sp) and Shupert are ALIVE :D

Now onto the bad

  • Lack of closure,i mean just WTF by the end nothing is resolved and if it is it was done very poorly
  • no major character deaths,with the expiation of Andrea no one from Rick's group died, are you kidding me this is a series finale there should have been at least ONE >:(
  • The finale battle between Rick and The Governor,Let's face it there wasn't one,all it had was the Governor's men go into the prison get scared by a few walker's and then Haul ass outta there. Pathetic.

All in all i hope Scott Gimbile bring's new life to the series with season 4 because if not,i might just drop out,im still looking fowerd to it but it had better improve upon this season

Any way what did you guy's think of the episode and the season in general and do you think Scott Gimbile save the walking dead let me know the comment's below.