Hi everybody

Now before you all start going to comments and tell to shut up or whatever please be advised that this is just my opinion on the matter and would be very grateful if you respect it and everyone else's if you start an argument because of divided opinion's then I will remove your comment, Admin or not.

Now, since 400 day's was released people have been speculating whether Vernon was dead or not. I like most people on the Wiki believe he is dead but some don't, now in this situation you would just list him as unknown but then people start complaing that he is dead, list him as dead is not right as you don't have 100% conformation that he is dead, so why don't you just list him as presumed dead in this situation as it means you can still list him as dead but don't right him of as him/her being dead.

Now this dose not just apply to Vernon it also apply to Kenny and anyone else faced with this problem.

Again im not trying to start an argument here just trying to get my point across this is completely up to the Admins of the site and you don't have to make it a BRAND new status maybe just combine it with Unknown and/or Dead.

Thank you for reading the article please feel free to say yes or no on the matter and discus with each other but again if anyone disrespect's someone else or start an argument your comment will be deleted and also even if this has been done before I will not delete the article, a lot of people might not have known about that or are just new to the site.

Anyway thanks again for reading.