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    Hello again my children, it has been a while :)

    This will be a short blog so don't worry,in fact its more of a question.

    Now don't give me shit because i know she is dead but after reading through the issue again i noticed somthing.When Lori is getting blasted by lily, i noticed that she was never shot in the head, only in the stomoch and we never saw any one put her down. 

    So my question is... did lori ever turn into a walker at somepoint, i no it sounds silly but i just want to hear your thoughts, even if RK confimed that she is dead, did she ever turn, even for a sec? 

    Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

    Im not trying to start an argument or change any staues just asking a question.

    Thanks for reading :)


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  • Kylum10001

    Hey buddy's back again with another blog but this one will be short.

    As the title should sugest,what was the most shocking moment or moment's for you in The Walking Dead.This can include any media including the comics,TV show,Game and novels.

    For me it has too go to Carly,just becuse it came out of F ing nowere and there was no hints at her dying during the episode.

    What was your most shocking moment leve a comment below :)

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  • Kylum10001

    Hi everybody

    Now before you all start going to comments and tell to shut up or whatever please be advised that this is just my opinion on the matter and would be very grateful if you respect it and everyone else's if you start an argument because of divided opinion's then I will remove your comment, Admin or not.

    Now, since 400 day's was released people have been speculating whether Vernon was dead or not. I like most people on the Wiki believe he is dead but some don't, now in this situation you would just list him as unknown but then people start complaing that he is dead, list him as dead is not right as you don't have 100% conformation that he is dead, so why don't you just list him as presumed dead in this situation as it means you can …

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  • Kylum10001

    First of let me say that love the tv show,without i would not be a walking dead fan today and for a while i thought it was better than the comics(witch itself is amazing) but after this my opinion just took a big 180.

    Now let me get into the good first

    • The Governor is a badass
    • Andrea's death, it made me feel really bad for her
    • Herschel(sp) and Shupert are ALIVE :D

    Now onto the bad

    • Lack of closure,i mean just WTF by the end nothing is resolved and if it is it was done very poorly
    • no major character deaths,with the expiation of Andrea no one from Rick's group died, are you kidding me this is a series finale there should have been at least ONE >:(
    • The finale battle between Rick and The Governor,Let's face it there wasn't one,all it had was the Govern…
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  • Kylum10001

    Is Glenn in danger?

    February 22, 2013 by Kylum10001

    Now i know all the Walking Dead characters are not safe but am i the only one who thinks Glenn's time might be up?

    i mean let's look at it, Glenn has gotten a lot of attention the past few episodes(even more than Daryl) also he wants revenge against the Governor more than any other character and thinks they should strike at him when the least expect it. This is similar to the comics when Tyresee and Michionne when after him only to get caught by the Governor and Tyresse is killed. Now im not saying Glenn will take his place but it's something to think about.

    Let me know in the comments if you feel the same way or if im just over reacting.

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