I just stumbled across this article on the front page of Yahoo that had Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple answering some questions and teasing upcoming events in Season 4. Here's what I took away from it:

1. The show's staying truer to the comics this season.

Kirkman says that fans who think that the show has strayed from the comics will be "pleasantly surprised" by Season 4. He goes on to say that some of the closest adaptations that have happened so far have happened in Season 4, thanks to Gimple talking him into them.

Hmm. Right now we're so far off course from the comics. I'm not sure how they'll get it back on track but I can't wait to see. Maybe there will still be a Governor-Prison war. Or we'll see Abraham's group by the end of the season.

2. Nature is going to be a huge factor in Season 4.

Kirkman barely touched on this, but I think it's definitely worth mention. Here's the quote:

"We are bringing in another threat, which is nature itself. I don't really want to get into specifics too much, but I will say that there is a third uncontrollable, almost undefeatable threat that is going to come in when the characters of the show are at their most vulnerable. It's really going to be something that they have a hard time dealing with."

What do you guys think?? Are we talking Sharknados?? Or is it the new survivors dying of old age in their sleep and reanimating?? Seriously, I've wondered that. I mean, it's bound to happen eventually. I could see a zombified Ms. McLeod wiping out half of the sleeping prison.

3. Bob Stookey will be on Team Prison.

Or at least Kirkman heavily implied that he would be. Bob Stookey's name came up while on the topic of the new survivors that Rick took in at the end of Season 3. Maybe I was the only one, but I was under the impression that Bob would be with the Governor in Season 4. Anyways, Kirkman describes Bob as not "very capable or very useful." Sounds like the good ol' Bob we know from the comics.

Only 90 days to go!! *groan*