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Who will make it to season 4

KuT February 20, 2013 User blog:KuT

Only doing characters that are in the group NOW not ones that we are going to meet. Chance of living.

Rick- Totally Making it. 100%

Carl- Totally Making it. 100%

Glenn-  Probably making it. 95%

Maggie- Totally making it. 100%

Hershel- Past mid life crisis. 35%

Beth- Babysitting in the walking dead is not good news. 55%

Michonne- Totally making it. 100%

Carol- Two people died for her whether they liked it or not. # This is why Carol can't have nice things. 75%

Merle- To new to kill. 65%

Daryl- It would be a shame but things happen for a reason... right? 75%

Judith- Eventually her time will come but it won't be far away. 50%

I'd like to hear what you guys/girls think will die.

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